Thursday, July 17, 2014

Up Close and In Person

Now that the July Premiere has passed and the July release ornaments are on the shelves at your local Hallmark stores, we've had a chance to see the ornaments in person and there are a few things that might be worth mentioning about a few of the ornaments.

Missing "Series Symbol"
As you probably know Hallmark Keepsake series ornaments have a little Christmas tree symbol with a number inside on the ornament that indicates which number in the series the ornament represents. There are three series ornaments for 2014 that do NOT have the series symbol on the ornaments. The ornament packaging indicates that the ornament is "X in the Series" on the top of the box; but the symbol is not present on the ornaments.

The ornaments affected are:

  • Nostalgic Houses and Shops #31 Andy's Cars
  • Classic American Car #24 1970 Buick GSX

  •  Marjolein's Garden #1 Simple Gifts

Not As Pictured
Through the years we have found a number of ornaments that didn't quite match up to the ornament pictured on the ornament box. What happens is the photography for the ornament packaging is usually done with an ornament prototype. That prototype may be changed before the ornament goes into production or changes might be made during production or it may be just a difference caused by the manufacturing process.

We have had several collectors contact us regarding the 2014 Mary's Angel indicating the ornament in the box doesn't quite match the ornament on the packaging. If you look closely, you might be able to see the difference.


The angel that was produced has her tongue sticking out just a bit as she concentrates on getting her artwork just right. I personally find this completely endearing and I think it gives us a glimpse at this little angel's personality!


Odds and Ends
We noticed during testing that the sound for Great White Menace does not seem as loud as we are used to hearing from the Hallmark Magic ornaments. So if you get one that you think should be louder, rest assured this is how the sound is on this particular ornament.

Our pic for don't miss it? Be sure to check out Woodstock on the pipe organ in the Hark! Music Fills the Air ornament - he moves to the music!
Until next time,
Happy Collecting!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 Hallmark Ornament Premiere Limited Editions

Ornament Premiere is just a weekend away! We can hardly wait for the July 12-13 Ornament Premiere.

Here's a brief look at this year's Limited Quantity Ornament Premiere Exclusives. Be sure to get to your local Hallmark Gold Crown store early, these ornaments really are LIMITED QUANTITY and usually sell out pretty quickly.

Who You Callin' "Chicken"?
Foghorn Leghorn - LOONEY TUNES
By Jake Angell - Retail $14.95

Scarlett's White Dress75th Anniversary - Gone With The Wind
Porcelain - Retail $22.95

Pony For ChristmasRepaint version of the 2013 #16 Pony for Christmas
By Linda Sickman - Retail $14.95

By Valerie Shanks - Retail $14.95

High-Flying HeroDisney The Rocketeer
By Robert Chad - Retail $14.95

Kisses For Kacey
By Kristina Gaughran - Retail $12.95

Toymaker Santa15th Anniversary
By Ken Crow - Retail $17.95

A Chris Mouse ChristmasAttaches to light string for optional lighting effect.
By Anita Marra Rogers - Retail $14.95

Winged WonderComplements the Beauty of Birds Series
By Edythe Kegrize - Retail $17.95