Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 Carlton Heirloom Ornaments Have Arrived!

The 2014 Carlton Heirloom ornaments have arrived! and they are AWESOME!! The delivery truck arrived yesterday and the warehouse is jam packed with the new 2014 Carlton Christmas ornaments.

Jessica and Jennifer have been busy this morning sorting ornaments and pulling orders. If you have a pre-order in the system (with no October release ornaments) you should expect your Carlton order to ship by the end of the week at the latest. You probably received a duplicate order confirmation from the original order yesterday when we moved the orders from "Holding" to "New" for processing. (Some customers reported receiving more than one copy. As long as they all have the same order number, they were just inadvertent duplicates and we do apologize for any inconvenience.)
Jessica and Jennifer sorting ornaments.

We are really thrilled to see that the ornaments are even better than last year! We are extremely happy with the quality of the ornaments and the packaging. The colors are vibrant and the sound quality on the magic ornaments is great. Carlton is offering a superb line of ornaments this year.
Another nice feature on the magic ornaments is a hole in the box that allows you to test the ornament without removing the ornament from the box. Batteries are already inserted, so the ornament is ready to go from the box straight to your tree. If you look at the picture below, we've pressed the button on the Godzilla ornament and the base is lit up.
Jennifer with some of the new 2014 Carlton ornaments.

Marc and Aaron - Boxin' em up and movin' em out.
We are delighted that the Carlton ornaments have arrived and look forward to shipping the pre-orders this week. We are certain that you will be as excited as we are with this year's Carlton ornaments. (Once you receive your order we would be most appreciative if you would return to the website ( www.hookedonornaments.com ) and leave an item review.)
Until next time!
Happy Collecting!

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