Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2014 October Ornament Debut Limited Quantity Ornaments

The 2014 October Ornament Debut is right around the corner. Visit your local Hallmark Gold Crown store to find out details on any special plans they might have for the event.

October Ornament Debut Weekend
is October 4-5

Remember  the Limited Quantity ornaments from the last few years have truly been limited quantities. Some ornaments sell out rather quickly. If you miss your favorite locally, be sure to check with us at Hooked on Ornaments. (Here's a link to our 2014 Special Editions page)

 Jack's Peculiar Pet
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
1495QXE3713 * Sharon Visker * 3 5/8" H

Jasmine & Rajah
Disney's Precious Moments
2495QXE3716 * Porcelain * 3" H
Batman The Dark Knight Rises
1495QXE3736 * 4 1/4" H

Lionel Pennsylvania Torpedo Repaint
1995QXE3746 * Die-Cast Metal * 3 1/2" W
White Chocolate Moose Repaint
1295QXE3773 * Tracy Larsen * 3 3/4" H

Very Merry Christmas Fairy Repaint
Fairy Messengers
1295QXE3783 * Kristina Gaughran * 3 5/8"
GI Joe 50th Anniversary
1995QXE3786 * 4 3/8" H

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