Friday, October 3, 2014

Count Down To Christmas


A new tradition began in our home when Hallmark offered it's first Countdown to Christmas Clock ornament in 2010. 

It's fun to set the clock anytime after October 1st and watch it count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the BIG Day when it will wish us a Merry Christmas!


The youngest to the oldest members of our family are captivated by this ornament.   It's hard to walk by without checking how much time remains, and we smile as the clock is literally ticking towards our favorite Holiday of the year!

Hallmark has now offered a variety of  "countdown clock" ornaments.
Check out all of the options to get into the "Countdown" spirit!
... in closing today we want to send a big THANK YOU!! and shout out to Brooke at Everything Else Brooke - she posted about Hooked on Ornaments on her blog and we are simply delighted!! We love to hear from our customers and we truly enjoy hearing how we are able to help our customers with their Hallmark collections - all around the world.

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