Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 Keepsake Celebrations

Hallmark Keepsake Celebrations, which were first offered last year, are back in Hallmark Gold Crown stores again in 2015. These "year round" ornaments began arriving in stores earlier this month. The ornaments in this line are perfect gifts to commemorate all of your special occasions - births, birthdays, weddings, christening, confirmation, baptism, graduation, retirement and more.

The 2015 collection features fifteen ornament designs.

2015 Baby's First Christmas
1995QHX1067  |  Edythe Kegrize
2015 Baby's First Birthday
1295QHX1199   |   Nina Aubé
(Reissued from 2014)
2015 Wedding
1995QHX1165   |   Terri SteigerDetails

2015 Our Wedding
1495QHX1107   |   Terri SteigerDetails
2015 La Fe y El Amor
1495QHX1187   |   Sharon Visker
(Reissued from 2014)
2015 God's Love
1795QHX1079   |   Edyth Kegrize
2015 New Home
1795QHX1179   |   Edythe KegrizeDetails
2015 Anniversary
1795QHX1109   |    Edythe KegrizeDetails

2015 A Mother's Heart
1495QHX1097   |   Edythe KegrizeDetails
2015 Time To Fly
1795QHX1189   |   Ruth DonikowskiDetails

2015 Graduation
1295QHX1089   |   Terri SteigerDetails
2015 Happy Big Birthday
1495QHX1197   |   Tom BestDetails

2015 Always Remembered
1795QHX1177   |   Ruth DonikowskiDetails
2015 Quinceañera
1495QHX7747   |   Julie ForsythDetails
2015 A New Season
1495QHX1099   |   Terri SteigerDetails

Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome Back Barbie

Hallmark and Mattel have announced a new licensing agreement that will bring Barbie back to the Hallmark Keepsake line in 2015. This new contract will allow Hallmark to create and distribute holiday ornaments and plush  products in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to Hallmark Gold Crown exclusives, some items will be offered through multiple retail channels.
Hallmark will offer two "Bonus Packs" in July that will feature the Hallmark Keepsake versions of the 2013 and 2014 Holiday Barbie dolls. (Serious Barbie collectors will want to have both the Carlton Heirloom ornaments from 2013 and 2014 in addition to the Hallmark Bonus Pack set.)
The Bonus Packs will be offered in both Caucasian and African American, as seen below.
Celebration Barbie Set
Ornaments depict the 2013 and 2014 Holiday Barbie Dolls
4000QXI2787 - View Item

Celebration Barbie Set - African AmericanOrnaments depict the 2013 and 2014 Holiday Barbie Dolls
4000QXI2789 - View Item
Keep an eye on our blog and our Facebook page to see more 2015 ornaments as we add them to the Hooked on Ornaments database.