Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2015 Fairy Surprise Packaging

2015 Fairy Surprise - Gold Fairy

One of the HOT ornaments this season has been the Fairy Surprise GOLD fairy. We had a comment the other day regarding the packaging for these ornaments and I thought the information might be helpful to everyone... so here's the scoop...

In previous years the Hallmark Surprise ornaments have been packaged in a factory sealed non-see through back inside of an ornament box that is taped shut. The only way to open bags from previous years was to cut or tear them open.

2015 Fairy Surprise - White or Red Fairy
The 2015 Fairy Surprise ornaments are different. The ornament box is still taped shut at top and bottom - but the black bag that holds the ornament is NOT a factory sealed bag. The bag is taped shut. When you remove the tape, the bag is open at one end. SO, if you are concerned whether the package was tampered with because the bag is 'cut' open and taped shut... it was not, that's just how Hallmark packaged the "Surprise" ornaments this year.

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