Monday, November 23, 2015

World Of Frosty Friends

Hallmark has released the following information regarding the synchronized performance of this year's very well received World of Frosty Friends Mantel scape Magic cord collectibles.

"In addition to the familiar light and sound functions that have been a part of many Magic Cord performances from the beginning, we recently introduced automated movement into some of our products. Although we are excited about the new storytelling opportunities that this additional function can provide, we have had to make some difficult choices in order to include this movement. Due to the larger power requirements of the electric motors that are needed, our products with movement use all of the available energy from the Magic Cord when they are activated. This unfortunately requires other products connected to the cord to "go dark" during motion performances, eliminating the synchronized, "full-cord" light show that many of our other Magic Cord ornaments provide. When the motor is not in use, however, our motion products still "follow" along with the performances of other "leader" products connected to the cord. We regret any confusion that this variation in function has caused and hope that consumers will come to appreciate the enhanced individual performances of our new motion products as we do!" 

At present the only other Magic Cord item that causes the other items on the cord to "go dar" when it is activated is the "Here Comes Santa Claus" tree topper.

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